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Different Approach Automation

Different Approach Automation (DAA) is an engineering consulting and employee service firm that operates primarily in the fields of power systems engineering and general electrical engineering. Our clients include electric authorities, municipalites, cooperatives, as well as engineering consultancies and software developers with an interest in the power systems field.

DAA also serves as a medium for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education and mentoring for high-level students and working professionals. Our core philosophy of incorporating new science into our working methodology helps to keep your business ahead of the academic curve.

DAA can help you to prepare analytical reports, to work with large data sets, to perform data mining procedures, or to help improve the efficiency of your fellow employees across a broad range of fields. DAA can also help you to prepare white paper presentations, or to perform fact-finding research on research papers from the academic world.

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Sani Fakhouri

As CEO of Different Approach Automation (DAA), I incorporated this company with a dream to improve the working processes of engineering consulting firms across the world. Whether it is collecting sets of data from publicly available repositories, performing analysis on said data sets, incorporating new science into your current workflow, or providing knowledge dissemination techniques to long-tenured engineers, DAA seeks to provide a fresh take on tackling these challenges.

A Bachelor's and Master's graduate in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Power Systems Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin in Austin, Texas, USA , Sani Fakhouri has over 5 years of consultancy experience. At his time at Electric Power Engineers (EPE), a consultancy based in Austin, Texas, Sani Fakhouri learned many of the techniques and the trade of the power systems industry.