Power Systems Consulting


Different Approach Automation is dedicated to the principle of applying intelligent methods to engineering problems across all fields. However, our approach towards tackling engineering design challenges in the field of Power Systems focuses on tackling them from the root of the issue. An approach to solving the problem that involves experts who are knowledgeable in not just specialized knowledge in the field, but also general intelligence across a multitude of scientific domains helps to incorporate fresh perspectives.

If you or your employees frequently find yourselves saying "But this is how we've always done things!", then it might be time for a Different Approach!

Head over to our contact page and ask for a no-commitment 'Trial Run' to see if Different Approach Automation is right for you!

STEM Education and Tutoring


"Thinking outside the box merely places you inside another, somewhat larger box."

Communicating effectively is half the battle in the field of engineering. Our team consists of members who are not only committed to providing unique solutions to our clients, but to also provide to the academic culture within our fields. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education is one of the ways our team helps to keep their skills sharp, while sharing their knowledge to the next generation of engineers! Contact us today for details on how we can help keep your company ahead in the academic circle of your respective field and how we can provide white paper know-how to your day-to-day work!