Hello, World!

Any programmer worth their salt will always start their computer science career with a new programming language by creating a very brief "Hello, World!" program. Such a program (usually a dozen lines or so in length) tests multiple aspects of the language in one fell swoop:

1. Determines if the programming language was successfully installed on the end-user's system.

2. Determines if the compiler/interpreter (if the language features one) is operating correctly.

3. Determines if the development environment to which the program was run from is operating correctly (such as Eclipse for Java users, or PyWin for Python users on a Windows machine).

4. Acts as a sanity check by providing a stepping stone to future, more ambitious projects.

In much the same way, Different Approach Automation is using this blog post as a "Hello, World!" program, by telling the world that we are incorporated and ready for business! In, again, one fell swoop, we:

1. Inform the power systems consulting business that we are ready and open for business.

2. That you can contact us through our contact page and further inquire about what Different Approach Automation can do for you!

3. That you can observe our development environment by looking over our website and learning more about what we do and who composes our team.

4. To act as a sanity check that, indeed, our website is running correctly! (Well, this one is more for my own sake than any other thing!)

On that note: "Hello, World!"

Sani Fakhouri

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